quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2008

Oxtail with red dry wine

Recipe: Nia
Translation: Danielle Balan

Recipe originally in Portuguese:

Oxtail with red dry wine ,

by Nia and adapted by Danielle Balan

half a teacup of canola/sunflower oil.
smoked sausage cut in thick slices.
2 onions and 4 garlic gloves chopped.
3 carrots ,sliced.
1 kilo of oxtail ,cut into pieces.
2 or 3 glasses of red dry wine.
2 or 3 glasses of beef broth.
a small bunch of parsley and 2 bay leaves.
1 tablespoon of olive oil

use a heavy thick deep pot ,heat the oil and quick fry the oxtail,take it out the pot and keep aside.
put the sausage ,onions and garlic into the pot,fry slightly ,replace the oxtail,add the carrots ,mix all together and let it get a color than add the parsley and the bay leaves ,mix again ,finally add the wine.
cook until completely tender on low fire ,adding small portions of beef broth.

before turning off the fire ,add some salt and pepper plus the olive oil , wait 2 minutes
and serve